26 July 2011

All of this has happened before... (let's not finish this sentence)

Guess where Unkie Dave is right now. Go on, take a minute or two and see just how good your powers of logical deduction and/or innate luck are.

If you said "In a far and distant land enjoying strange and exotic adventures", you would be wrong.

If you said "Sitting comfortably at home deciding which target to round his steely gaze of bile upon next"' well, you would also be wrong.

But if you said "In hospital, again", the balloons and confetti would be streaming down from the ceiling as the Dixieland band in the corner struck up a rousing rendition of "When the Saints Come In". Rush out now and immediately play the Lottery, you are on fire tonight.

I've been in a fair bit of pain for the last few days and as it happened I had a scheduled check-up with my surgeon today, this being the seven week anniversary of my last discharge from hospital. I told him about the pain, he had a bit of a poke and a prod and said, "right, we better get you admitted", which I was not expecting.

It's more a precautionary thing than anything else, it was the easiest way to get a CT scan (my seventh of the year so far) arranged at short notice, and hopefully I won't be here too long. But I've said that before, a few times.

More than the pain, more than the discomfort of being hooked up to wires and tubes again, more than the sleepless nights of yet another hospital stay, what upsets me the most is the fact that something that was "99% almost definitely cured" seven weeks ago is now within the space of a few days suddenly a very real possibility again.

Which sucks.

On the other hand maybe I should play the Lottery tonight, with odds like that in my system who knows, it could be me.



At 8:36 pm, Anonymous Felix said...

Really sorry to hear you are back in hospital again and I hope there is a swift remedy for the pain and a simple explanation as to what was/is causing it.

Thinking of you, Felix x

At 12:43 am, Anonymous Niall said...


Thinking of you!

(Since that's about as effective as my leet medical skillz)

At 10:16 am, Anonymous steve said...

oh man :(


that's fuckin rubbish. same as niall there... all i got is best wishes for you. for real.


At 3:19 pm, Blogger arjedre said...

Noooooooooooooo!!!! Perhaps you should consider a world tour of hospitals - that way you get your regular doses of exotic locals and IV fluids.

At 7:19 pm, Blogger Tadhg said...

Shit. So sorry to hear this. I hope you're out ASAP.

At 8:31 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

Thanks for all your thoughts guys, they really mean a lot.


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