26 June 2011

Tea knows no segregation, no class nor pedigree

Sunday is rapidly turning into visitor day here at the Unkie Dave Household. Last week it was the amazing Arjedre, this week it was the turn of not one, but two of my sisters*, and so The Very Understanding Girlfriend and I took the opportunity to bring them to our latest favourite local eat-and/or-drinkery, the altogether tealicious Wall & Keogh just up the road in Portobello.

With a ridiculous array of teas and mores (appropriately enough given that they are a tea house), fresh sushi (slightly more bewildering, but it works), bread and cakes from The Bretzel (yum, yum, yum), good music (Mr Scruff is a fan, apparently), great ambience and a snug but fantastic garden seating area, a comfortable and relaxed few hours were had by all. Apparently they're open until 8pm, and given the lack of either alcohol or coffee on Unkie Dave's menu in the immediate future I can see more than the occasional summer's evening visit on the horizon.

The only fault I can find with Wall & Keogh is that it is exactly the type of establishment I would love to run, but can never seem to get off my backside and make happen. Damn you sirs, damn your industrious fortitude.

* Technically this also counts as all of my sisters. It should also be pointed out that my mum was there as well, but as she had only come from the Northside and not Waterford or London it wasn't as dramatic a brunch appearance however much it was appreciated.

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At 11:35 am, Blogger Jonzer said...

Is it open Sunday? Shall we do brunch?


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