07 June 2011

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Today, three months to the day that this whole pancreatitis mess kicked off, I was released from hospital after an altogether rather successful surgery. Everything happened the way it was meant to, no alarms and no surprises, followed by four days under intense observation in the High Dependency Unit and a further week of recovery back on the ward. Over the weekend they removed the last of the tubes, wires, cannulae and other assorted intrusive devices from my body and for the first time in over two months I was officially wire-free. Three days of no pain-killers and a general (if episodic) confirmation of motion in the intestines was all the green-light the doctors needed to send me home, and so here I am, foot-loose and fancy-free.

I'm still quite sore if I move too much, or in an direction other than robotically forward at a snail's pace, but progress is progress. Given that I crossed over the 10 stone barrier the wrong way (now hovering around 60.9 kilos, not great for someone who is 6' tall) the first priority of the day is to try and put some weight back on, for which my surgeon helpfully suggested Mars bars and chocolate biscuits (which is why he's a surgeon I imagine, and not a GP). It'll be a slow six weeks ahead of home recovery, and I'm told not to expect to be firing on full thrusters for around six months, but if all goes well the chances of this ever happening again are very slim indeed.

A huge thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and best wishes, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of it all now.



At 7:50 pm, Anonymous steve said...

great stuff man!

have been rooting for ya throughout. hope to see you soon.


At 12:49 pm, Blogger Jonzer said...

Phew! I am so glad you are on the mend. It will be good to see you back to being your normal grumpy self where you will be able to rant freely without pain.

At 12:01 pm, Blogger Snag Breac said...

Yes, roll on more ranting!!
Welcome home!


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