17 June 2011

Haven't felt this good in ages

While I was experiencing what our American cousins might refer to televisually as a "Mid-Season Break", our favourite knitter and crocheter here at Booming Back, the ever talented Ms Snag Breac, went and launched her own Etsy store.

We have a number of friends who are all quite talented in the dark arts of spinning and darning, but as Ms Snag Breac is responsible for both the Extermiknit Dalek and the (almost) life sized knitted Pancreas, as well as a comically large Tramadol pill that amused all the nurses on the ward to no end, she officially gets our douze-points.

Her shop sells felting kits, which are not, apparently, as rude as they sound, and I am reliably informed that they are an excellent gift for someone interested in getting involved in the whole artsy-crafty thing. The "make-your-own-felt-vegetables" is my favourite, having seen a number of pieces of vegetable-shaped jewelry she has made over the years I can vouch for their near nature-identical appearance, though in felt. Think of them as Felticly Modified Organisms (FMOs), and exploit your chosen third world nation with felt-based terminator seeds at your leisure.

Here at Booming Back we wish Ms Snag Breac the best of luck with her new online venture, and encourage all our other talented friends to publicly compete for our love and affection by sending us amusing presents.

You know you want to.



At 2:02 pm, Blogger Felix said...

I love the vegetable felting kits!

At 11:32 am, Blogger Jonzer said...

Mmm... Tramadol. Saved my life back when I had tonsilitis. Why, oh, why, oh, why do they not always diagnose these babies as a response to pain.

At 10:11 pm, Blogger Snag Breac said...

Yay! thanks Unkie D! :)
Go felted everything!


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