24 June 2011

Die Mensch-Maschine

Just back from the final day of the Human+ exhibit at the Science Gallery, not their strongest exhibition but I'm glad I made it in nonetheless. Focused on the concept of the post-human, in particular the interaction/synthesis of humanity and technology, it was a bit more hit and miss than previous exhibits with less interactivity and more pieces of a conceptual nature as opposed to actual functioning and constructed objects.

Despite this I'm still glad I made it down, practically the last thing I did before the whole pancreas thing started was visit the last exhibit, Visceral, on its closing day, so there is a nice bookended symmetry to it all.

Unless its the Science Gallery that made me sick.


All of this is essentially just an excuse, as if one was needed, to post some photos of animatronic crystal skulls. Click on any photo to greatly embiggen.

I, for one, welcome (the opportunity to recycle a hackneyed meme about) our new robot overlords!

Human+ at the Science Gallery
More photos
Previous post on Visceral

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