19 June 2011

Best brunch visit, ever.

Just had a very pleasant surprise today, a flying visit from our good friend Arjedre, our favorite Platonic scholar (as in, "a philosopher who studies Plato", and not "a scholar with whom we are just good friends", which we are by the way, but that's not the important bit), home-brewer and all round good person.

By "flying visit" I literally mean "flying", as she had a seven hour stop-over in Dublin on her way from a Platonic workshop (as in "a workshop on Plato", not "a workshop where everybody is just good friends") in the UK back home to the Have' in deepest darkest Connecticut. That's not something you see everyday, a Dublin stopover on the way to somewhere else that's not Shannon.

This was a very pleasant surprise because The Very Understanding Girlfriend had kept the whole plan from me for the last few weeks, nipping out this morning "to buy some milk" and arriving back with the amazing Arjedre in tow.

We haven't seen Arjedre since we were last in the Have' back in September, but as I've thought many times before the sign of a really good friendship is that when you do meet up after a long absence its as if no time has passed at all. Having her here sitting in our front room was like the most perfectly normal thing ever, just amazing!

She still needs to work on her blog though. Very poor show, very poor show indeed.



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