18 May 2011

Guess who's coming to dinner?

"Fellow-workers, stand by the dignity of your class. All these parading royalties, all this insolent aristocracy, all these grovelling, dirt-eating capitalist traitors, all these are but signs of disease in any social state - diseases which a royal visit brings to a head and spews in all its nastiness before our horrified eyes. But as the recognition of the disease is the first stage towards its cure, so that we may rid our social state of its political and social diseases, we must recognise the elements of corruption. Hence, in bringing them all together and exposing their unity, even a royal visit may help us to understand and understanding, help us to know how to destroy the royal, aristocratic and capitalistic classes who live upon our labour. Their workshops, their lands, their mills, their factories, their ships, their railways must be voted into our hands who alone use them, public ownership must take the place of capitalist ownership, social democracy replace political and social inequality, the sovereignty of labour must supersede and destroy the sovereignty of birth and the monarchy of capitalism."
-from 'Visit of King George V', James Connolly, 1910
A fantastically timely quote via Irish Left Review yesterday that cheered up my RSS Reader no end, so much so that I couldn't help but appropriate it today.

"So Unkie Dave", I hear you ask, "how are you enjoying Bizzie Lizzy's visit to our fair shores?".

Well now, the answer must surely be self-evident if you have even a passing familiarity with this blog, for I believe I have said on numerous occasions that if we are to have an organised State (and I am not entirely convinced that we must), then control of that State must lie in the hands of the public, not in the grasp of an elite. In other words, a Republic.

"Ah, so you're a republican?"


"Like the lads in the Celtic jerseys throwing fireworks at the Gardai yesterday?"

No, they're Republicans, who show their devotion to the belief of a mythical 32-county Irish Republic by wearing British football kits, reading The Sun and buying cheep beer from Tesco. Completely different.

"Ah, then you're one of those lads in the tricorns with the teabags who love their country and protect it from socialists by giving guns to fetuses?"

Um, no, again they're Republicans, who actually fight to preserve the world's largest Plutocracy. Different country, think Monty Burns with less compassion.

"Excellent. So what kind of Republican are you?"

Um, a republican, possibly. Small "r". I believe in the idea of a republic, just not the idea of the Republic that I actually find myself living in, which isn't really a republic given that fact that political power still rests in the hands of a small minority of dynastic families, passed down from generation to generation, with the majority of wealth concentrated in the hands of a small few who seem to be both above the taxation system and the law in general, an aristocracy in all but name. The sight of any citizen of any nation bowing down before an unelected dynastic autocrat is obscene, and to see it occur in this time of national austerity with the citizenry of this nation paying €30 million for the privilege of doing so goes beyond obscenity into the criminal.

"So, this whole Pancreatitis thing hasn't really taken the edge of your bile production?"

Not at all, if anything it has kicked it into overdrive.

"I see. So if you feel so strongly about this, then why aren't you out on the streets protesting the visit like you spend so many hours on this blog telling the rest of us to do?"

Ah now, you see I'm always banging on about taking to the streets to protest about our own political masters. Heading out to protest about someone else's master seems, well, a bit rude, seeing as how they're a guest and all. I mean we have a long tradition of hospitality here in Ireland and we wouldn't want to tarnish that image abroad. Think of the effect on the economy.

"Really, is that it? Seems a bit weak if you ask me."

Ok, you got me. I don't care about the economy, I just wouldn't want anyone to mistakingly think I'm a Republican, I mean I don't even own a Celtic jersey.

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At 10:49 am, Blogger Snag Breac said...

Glad indeed to see the bile production was not affected!


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