06 February 2011

Upstart redux

Despite the cold and rain of this morning the need to be elsewhere forced me out onto a bicycle (with my camera nestled in the handlebar basket) for a good two hours, and I was richly rewarded by the discovery of a veritable cavalcade of UpStart posters, along Adelaide Road, Fitzwilliam Square, Merrion Square and back up along Stephen's Green.

I'm starting to get a sense of the scale of the project, the volume and quality of submissions, and the challenges the organisers face in getting the completed posters up on the lamp-posts in the seriously miserable conditions we've experienced here these last few days.

nasty, nasty, nasty.

I've updated my Flickr set with about 40 new photos, so if you have a few minutes please do check them out. This is one of the coolest things to happen in Dublin in a long, long time.

Tomorrow, da nort side.

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