05 February 2011

Upstart art on the streets of Dublin

So where was I off to on this cold and blustery morning armed only with a camera and steely look of determination in my eye? As I mentioned yesterday I noticed that UpStart had put the first of their posters up on lamp-posts around the city centre, and so I decided to head in and try and take a few photos before the wind huffed and puffed and blew them all away.

UpStart had an open call for submissions, and were looking for work from designers, writers and artists whose work would be transferred to a standard-sized election poster and secreted in between the rogues gallery of vote-beggars, botoxed-smiles and attempts at witty barbs that we will be subjected to for the next three weeks.

Oh, how I love this all, if only we could have an election every year!

From Stephen's Green to Dawson Street, along Molesworth Street and on to Kildare Street outside the Dáil, I saw about thirteen pieces today, but I suspect there may have been a few more that didn't survive last night's gale-force winds. The majority were written pieces - poems, haikus and non sequiturs, and their placement over, above and around actual campaign posters created a few unfortunate juxtapositions.

The one or two pieces of painted works or photography fared less well I think, due to the difficulty in actually getting close enough to see them properly. Bold text or strong design seemed to work best.

I've uploaded this morning's photos to Flickr (for a change), it seems to be a Flickr type of project. Keep an eye out for more, we've three weeks to go till polling day and UpStart were looking for 500 submissions and hoped to put up 1,000 posters, so there'll be many, many more to see.

Just simply a great idea!

More photos

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