20 February 2011

Out looking for astronauts

Taking advantage of a sudden break in the clouds last night, The Very Understanding Girlfriend and I took leave of our senses and decided shortly after midnight to head off in search of the aurora borealis. Intense solar activity this week meant that (in theory) the Northern Lights may be visible as far south as Ireland this weekend, though the cold grey blanket of unforgiving misery that normally hangs over the city, what other nations may laughingly refer to as "cloud cover", normally puts pay to any plans for Hibernian star-gazing.

Off we went up into the Dublin mountains, almost to the Sally Gap and then back down through Glencree and Eniskerry. Though the weather was with us (mostly), we failed to see anything out of the ordinary. However the views of the city were spectacular and I was left with a sense of just how enormous a sprawl Dublin really is.

I was also painfully aware (yet again) of just how much more powerful an instrument the human eye is than a camera lens.

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At 2:38 am, Anonymous steve said...

living where i do, i have taken an enormous amount of photos of dublin from the hills... and they're all shite.


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