19 February 2011

More blue skies over Dublin

I took advantage of the unusually good weather and fantastic light this morning to head out and photograph the latest batch of UpStart posters to hit the streets. I've close to 300 photos in the Flickr set now, after the election I'll post some thoughts about the whole experience of documenting this art project.

In addition to all the posters, UpStart also accepted audio and video submissions, and these submissions are now live. You can listen to the audio content on UpStart's Soundcloud page, and the video content can be found on their YouTube channel.

It would have been interesting, given the ubiquity of mobile wi-fi devices, if these submissions could have been tied to a specific location, for example if a url for the video or audio clip could have been printed on a poster so the viewer/listener could have engaged with the art in situ like they do with the static posters.

My full Flickr set can be found here, and the latest photos begin here.

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