10 January 2011

Le depart est donne

That, my friends, was an unexpectedly clear blue sky over Dublin city yesterday morning. The sign itself is a welcome goodbye to the icy white misery of late, and a cheery salutation to the return of that most sorely missed of simple pleasures, cycling.

I have been back out on the road now since mid-week last week, and despite over a month of enforced pedestrianism I was surprised by how relatively painless a return it proved to be. Slightly sore and somewhat grumbling calves were quickly silenced as hesitantly familiar motions were remembered, a tired body woken up and shaken from its winter's lethargy.

I love cycling, and missed it more than I realised.

During this weather-enforced absence, Dublinbikes opened two new stations, one on Harcourt Terrace/Adelaide Road and a second for the north end of Smithfield which should be nice for anyone wanting to go for a bit of diddly-aye in the Cobblestone.

Still no station at the station though, Heuston is sadly left out in the cold this latest round of expansions, which tired excuse for word play allows me somewhat awkwardly to leave you with this pictorial reminder below of why cycling over the previous few weeks was something altogether less feasible.

20th December beside the Central Bank

Christmas Day at Portobello Harbour

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At 10:14 am, Anonymous steve said...

Do you ever cycle outside town?

At 10:20 am, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

I have cycled elsewhere that is not town (the Aran Islands), and I have cycled to the edge of town (past the M50 on the waterways cycle route), but as I mostly use Dublinbikes I tend to go for a few <30 minute trips over the course of the day.

I have a proper bike that I need to get fixed (somebody smashed against the gears and they are a bit bent out of shape), when I do that and the weather is a bit better I'd be up for trying to do longer cycles, up to the Blue Light, that sort of thing.


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