16 January 2011

Cuts the city like a meandering blue vein

Out and about this afternoon, down to the Point and up on the Revolver, the large ferris wheel most recently seen outside Belfast City Hall. The afternoon sun highlighted every imperfection in the windows, the glare transformed the interior into a hall of mirrors, each surface more reflective than the last.

The Liffey shimmered with aluminium scales, the light refracted from office block to gentle wave and back again.

The North Wall and the Quays are an amazing jumble of the ancient and the ultra-modern, yet ironically the monuments of both eras lie vacant and abandoned, disused and crumbling. Today's conference centre is tomorrow's deserted warehouse.

As we walked back along the quays Maser's love song to the city flanked our steps.

All in all not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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