31 December 2010

That was the year that was

January Snow ice cold snow more snow Fintan O'Toole Žižek Avatar Haiti birthday Raj Patel Intermission February writing Jaron Lanier patterns Google Buzz coffee buzz Obama-lama-ding-dong country going to hell Shaun Tan Willie O'Dea Trevor Sargent tit-for-tat Fintan O'Toole (again) TASC linguistic paleo-archaeology March TASC (again) seals innovation Na'vi Dubz corrupt politicians city planning Gonja Sufi greenwash electric cars Powerscourt April Good man Fintan scoundrel Pullman crochet coral carrot bombs Squidgate resolutions May volcano UK election Eurostar Paris Convergence anarchist books June Paris (encore) Paolo Bacigalupi Stewart Brand Giverny Habermas Sligo sad sad goodbye Inis Mór bicycles Lasto-Glasto pretty pretty clouds July BioRhythm new parties only two posts boo August [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Žižek butterflies passport-hooray-hooray September bad phone sick grandmother NAMA-lama-ding-dong Jose Saramago country gone directly to hell not past Go not collecting €200 Cementgate revolutions internet makes people stupid October arise arise you wretched of the world ninjas tunes late sun getting old is scary Love Rhino New York urine on the cinema floor veggie sushi big bangs rescued miners ghost trains November Claiming Our Future One Percent Zombie tour revolting students Slovak shops Waterford IMMA moderns sixtieth anniversaries Maser loves me but I hate Dublin STRP stupid fecking government sold our country to the IMF and only 80,000 people take to the streets Fintan O'Toole (again again) snow snow snow December snow [REDACTED] snow snow STRP snow music snow sleep snow can't sleep snow snow snow and rest.

Thank you.

Goodbye and good riddance to 2010.

Roll on 2011.

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