02 December 2010

Of easy wind and downy flake

Well now, if you have ever had any doubt that god was on Dev's side you can dispel it now. The worst winter weather in decades just happens to coincide with the Government trying to ram an unconstitutional international bail-out through the Dail without debate, and with the budget just around the corner on Tuesday we are told that the cold snap will last until Thursday at the earliest.

All very convenient if you ask me.

Roads are closed, whole counties are impassable, the airports shut for hours at a time. The Government could slash the State Pension in half on Tuesday and you wouldn't hear a peep from anyone over 60, they'd all be too busy huddling in their homes trying not to freeze to death. Even if people wanted to protest they couldn't make it anywhere to do so. And even if a few determined fools braved the worst the elements had to throw at them to do so, with the airports closed the foreign meeja can't get in to cover it.

All very convenient indeed.

There also seems to be some sort of curfuffle going on about leaked documents and undiplomatic Americans, or something, also conveniently taking the international meeja's eyes off of Ireland and our apocalyptic contagion just long enough for the Government to try and sneak in a quick fix or two.

Curiously enough while our own meeja found a little bit of time after all the interviews with stranded travelers and shots of cars abandoned in ditches to report on these leaks, they somehow managed to do so in somewhat circumspect language when it came to leaked cables from the US Embassy in Dublin. The Irish Times reported that:
"In the September 2006 cable, which was classified confidential, James C Kenny acknowledged that “segments of the Irish public . . . see the airport as a symbol of Irish complicity in perceived US wrongdoing in the Gulf/Middle East and in regard to extraordinary renditions”.

He went on to detail the “more cumbersome” notification requirements for equipment-related transits at Shannon introduced following the Lebanon war in July that year."
which sounds bad, but not too bad, until you realise that "equipment-related transits" is a euphemism for "Apache helicopters being shipped to Middle Eastern allies through Ireland illegally", as Al Jazeera reports:
"After the Israel-Lebanon war, the Israeli military said it needed to restore its depleted ammunition stocks, but the cable from James Kenny, the US ambassador to Ireland at the time, indicates that the Irish government was making it increasingly difficult for Israel-bound US weapons shipments to pass through its airport.

Kenny said that the Irish foreign office had protested to him over an incident in February 2006, when Apache helicopters were sent to Israel via Ireland without the local authorities being appropriately informed."
When RTE eventually reported on the leaked Dublin Embassy cables, it gave only a few minutes to the subject and only referenced US troop movements through Shannon en route to Iraq and Afghanistan and the Shannon Five case, no reference to arms sales and shipments was made, and then it was back to shots of happy children on makeshift toboggans.


A more cynical (and verbose) man than I would declare that the heavens have opened and hidden away all the Government's sins under a thick white blanket of innocence renewed.

I just say that they're a bunch of sneaky chancers.

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