28 November 2010

In the cold November rain, um, snow

Well it looks like we're not done with the unseasonable cold snap by any stretch of the imagination. While most of the snow and ice left by Friday night's thunder and snowstorm was gone by late afternoon, the clouds came in again overnight and dumped between two and three inches more. Thus at 9am this morning I did what any self-respecting underemployed person does on a Sunday morning, I zipped myself up into my Arctic hiking gear and went out to take some photos, passing by the Iveagh Gardens (above) before heading down to St Stephen's Green.

All the above photos were taken shortly after 10am in Stephen's Green.

It reminds me a bit of life in The Have', where it would almost be t-shirt weather until Thanksgiving and the very next day the clouds would roll in and dump a foot or so of snow that would stay until March. The sky during the day would be clear blue as far as the eye could see, but every night winter would lay a fresh blanket across the ground.

To say that this sort of thing is a tad unusual in Ireland in November is a bit of an understatement, I can never remember weather like this so early.

Obviously this proves that Global Warming is a left-wing hoax. I mean, its freezing out there.

More photos here



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