18 November 2010

Eindhoven go-go

This week I will mostly be … at STRP.

Leaving the Very Understanding Girlfriend behind to (rather selflessly) hold the fort, I'm off now in a matter of minutes to Eindhoven in the Netherlands to catch up with friends and amble along to STRP. Billed as one of Europe's largest art and technology conferences it blurs the lines between music, art and technology and features a day-time series of exhibits that would make the Science Gallery weep and a night-time set of performances from a diverse group of electronic acts from Chris Cunningham and Underworld to MIA and her latest progeny Sleigh Bells. I'm only sticking around for the first weekend so I'll miss MIA, but I'll more than make up for it with Modeselektor, Hudson Mohawke, Monolake and a rake of others, in addition to the aforementioned Messers Cunningham, Hyde and Smith.

While I'm away the nation may, or may not, receive a life-saving bail-out from the EU that then may, or may not, be squandered entirely on propping up the banking system so ably collapsed by Fianna Fail's financiers in the property sector, and the Taoiseach may, or may not, be exposed as blatantly lying to the nation over the last week as he continued to issue vigorous denials that a bail-out was on the cards despite it being headline news in every other EU country and a topic of much deliberation at the recent G8 summit. In that case there may, or may not, be a vote of No Confidence in the Taoiseach and his government which may, or may not, pass, triggering what will almost certainly be the most game-changing election of Ireland's brief history as sovereign nation.

Or not.

Either way I will be in Eindhoven, and for once I don't really care.

In the immortal words of C.Montgomery Burns, "Let's blow this fascist popsicle stand!"

Image: 'The state itself becomes a super whatnot', Liam Gillick, NY MOMA, September 2010



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