04 October 2010

Blowing his own horn

Our favourite odd-toed ungulate d'amour, Love Rhino, has a new blog and its definitely worth checking out.

Mr Rhino is a talented guitarist and electronic musician, but like my good self is entirely self-taught and unable to read music. Whereas I rectify this in the most Rube-Goldberg of ways (I am guilty of chaining a Moog to a Tenori-On because I can't actually play the piano), Mr Rhino has decided to go about remedying this in a far more productive way, he is learning the trumpet. The learning process is rather nice, consisting of both practical trumpet lessons and a series of all important music theory lessons that will hopefully aid him in compositions beyond the Brass.

Interestingly enough according to the ever illuminating "Information is Beautiful" (the book, rather than the website) we have less than 10 years supply of Zinc left in the world, and only about 25 years worth of Copper. No Zinc or Copper, no Brass. No Brass, no Trumpets. If ever you were thinking about joining a Colliery Band, now would be a good time to do so, you may not get another chance. Of course with only about 70 years worth of coal left globally (at current usage), once you are in the band you might not get too many more gigs with them at the mine.

Enjoy it all while you can kids.

Anyway, Mr Rhino is chronicling the whole learning process online, and so far its a fascinating insight into what happens when a musician tries to learn music, without offending his neighbours, and it makes for only slightly voyeuristic reading.



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