12 September 2010

Look, an extruded plastic dingus

Well what do we have here? It seems Dublin City Council have decided to put up a number of Cyclehoops in the city centre.

Designed by Anthony Lau (who's Tweets you can follow here, if that is your particular cup of tea), the Cyclehoop can be bolted on to an existing signpost and provides parking space for two bikes. Of course while signposts are already widely in use by bicyclists, it is also fairly common to see such attached bikes subsequently collapsed on the ground with wheels "accidentally" trampled on by "careless" passer-bys, so at least this will keep the bikes upright.

The attached instructions read "Lock both wheels and the frame to the cyclehoop", which probably isn't much good if you only carry around a single d-lock though.

Still, I am pleased to see the City Council continuing to improve conditions for cyclists, even if it is a facility that I myself will rarely use. Unfortunately I don't trust my fellow Dubliners even for a minute as far as bikes are concerned; the amazing Snag Breac once had her bike stolen from outside our old ground floor flat while she was standing in our doorway less than five feet away from the bike itself, and I don't know any cyclist here who hasn't had at least one bike stolen. As far as I can tell no bike is really safe on a street, no matter how good the lock. This is why the Dublinbikes scheme suits me down to the ground, once the bike is returned to a bike station it ceases to be my concern.

As an aside this would also be my attitude towards children, specifically other people's children, as in, yes, they are fun to play with for a while, but I'm rather glad when I can give them back after a few minutes and they become someone else's problem. I think I am genetically predisposed to being a post-divorce deadbeat weekend dad.

Which is probably not a good thing.

Anyway, Cyclehoops are here, Yay!

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At 10:36 am, Blogger Snag Breac said...

Sniff sniff, oh the bike....I still wonder where it ended up!

Glad to see you can see the links between bikes and children!


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