11 August 2010

Float like a...

While transiting through London on the way back from [REDACTED] the opportunity presented itself for a morning visit to the Natural History Museum. Inexplicably Saturday morning proved to be something of a popular time to visit this most amazing of free museums, and with queues snaking around the entrance Disneyland-style, my eyes were drawn to the side-exhibit "Butterfly Explorers", a pay-in exhibition that offered immediate entrance to the Natural History Museum proper after a quick little stroll through a butterfly-filed enclosure.

After a few minutes in 35+C and ridiculous humidity (to keep all the tropic-loving butterflies happy) I had almost forgotten about the rest of the museum, and once my camera had adjusted to the damp and warmth I lost myself somewhat.

The first image is an Owl Butterfly, from South America, the second is a Julia longwing from North America, and the last is a Tiger longwing, also from South America. Click on any picture to greatly embiggen.

The exhibition is running until 26th September, and you can read more about it here. I've a few more photos here, and for a great look at a few more species closer to home check out some truly amazing shots from An Snag Breac of things to be found in the semi-wilderness she calls her garden.

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