29 June 2010

Really, no mud?

This weekend I have mostly been, at Glastonbury.

Yes, this came as much of a surprise to me as no doubt it does to you, but to be honest there have been precedents. No matter, despite a pathological hatred of camping and a near hysterical fear of mud once again I braved the wilds of Somerset for four(ish) days of music and bacchanalia, and by "braved" I mean stayed in a rather nice yurt in a secure area with pretty decent loos and showers, far away from the maddening crowd.


See, while I am no doubt on numerous watch-lists for my publicly avowed leftie sentiments, my hard-core post-marxist beliefs have a hard stop at the gates of any festival; do not seek me in the squalor of the fugee tent villages, fighting with the rabble over the last can of Stella or shanking my neighbor over a disputed bog-roll; not for me are the long-drops, the chill-and-charge or the endless dum-tish-dum-tish-dum-tish siren-calls of the 24-hour mystery-meat stalls. Look for me instead inside the gilded walls of the bosses' compounds, the Glastonbury Green Zone, standing on my hind legs feeding at the table with Mr Pilkington, and then you can gaze from man to pig and from pig to man again, but already you'll be hard pressed to say which is which.

I really don't like camping.

Musical highlights of the weekend included Lou Reed and Snoop Dogg with Gorillaz (though not a great choice for the headline act on Friday night), The National, The Lightning Seeds on Saturday night on the Avalon Stage, Cassette Boy, Grizzly Bear and Hudson Mohawk (who looked like a twelve-year old on his summer holidays) and Stevie Wonder on Sunday night, but the biggest highlight of all was the weather, in the high twenties all weekend and not a drop of rain. I'm sure I have been to a dry Glasto before, but the memory has been buried in an avalanche of trench foot, rotting tents, foul smelling sludge that you can only hope is mud, and rain, ceaseless never-ending rain. The biggest fear of the weekend was sunburn and heatstroke, just amazing really.

Yes, I missed Thom Yorke doing an acoustic set on Friday night. Yes, I missed Matt Smith lending Orbital a helping hand for their closing track, and no, I didn't bother going along to see Muse on Saturday night so I didn't see the Edge either (but I don't really care about that last one). None of that mattered because the weather was just so damn fine.

I still hate camping though.

(big thanks to everyone who made this trip happen, you guys are amazing beyond words)

Photos from Galsto 2010
Official site
BBC's Glasto site, videos don't play outside the UK but the pics are nice
Pretty good coverage by The Guardian as well, here's an interactive map of all their articles

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