21 June 2010

Democracy, bodhráns, art and trains

This week I have mostly been, in the West.

In fact over the last two weeks I have spent a considerable amount of time in Roscommon, Sligo and Galway, and have experienced the delight of long distance train travel in Ireland on all of these occasions, noting that a) the type of train traveled on often bears no relation to the distance of your journey, b) that while a return ticket from Dublin to Sligo costs exactly the same as a one way ticket from Dublin to Sligo, for some reason they don't seem to be open to the notion that logically a single trip from Sligo to Dublin should therefore be free, c) that buying a ticket on the day of travel at a train station is a really, really stupid idea, and that d) 90% of all passengers on a given train are over 65 and traveling for free, thus increasing the train prices for the rest of us. My attitude to this last point will no doubt change sometime over the next thirty years.

Anyway, expect the next few posts to be on my recent experiences in the West, apologies to all ye sophisticated urbanites who have grown used to rants about the quality of foam on my morning frapachocamochiatio, the inability to get really good quality tofurky within strolling distance of my eco-house, or the degenerative effect successive generations of dynastic politics and the lack of a truly representative constitution have had on our fair nation.

Actually, you can still probably count on getting the odd bit of a rant on that last one.

Photos of Rosses Point, Sligo

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