16 June 2010

Debord and Bloom

Ah Bloomsday, when the nation's aspirational literati turn out to celebrate that most triumphal portrayal of stumblings, ramblings, black pudding and a cheery disdain for all punctuation both necessary and superfluous, that most revered portrait of Dublin written carefully some 787km away in self-imposed exile in Paris.

To celebrate the day and its true Parisian origins, members of the self-described Dublin Psychogeographical Society set out to faithfully recreate the famous walk of Leopold Bloom, but in Paris.

Starting courtesy of Ryanair and appropriately enough at the James Joyce Pub, the first two parts of their step-by-step pub crawl/literary reenactment, with suitable Situationist commentary, are available online, and it all makes a rather nice change from endless interviews with David Norris.

(via Irish Left Review)



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