21 May 2010

So here we are now.

Wow, you turn your back for a few minutes and folks try and storm the Dail, create synthetic life, and create some form of bizarre political smorgasbord in the UK called a "Coalition Government", not necessarily all at the same time mind you, or the same folks, but an interesting few days. And I'm happy to say I witnessed one of them, and not the one you may think.

Yup, this fortnight I have mostly been in, um, elsewhere. London, to be exact. And Paris. And Giverny. And Bordeaux, um, and Lascaux. And, um, Carcassonne. And under the sea, and over the sea, and on an awful lot of trains.

You see at the very, very last minute The Very Understanding Girlfriend and I (proving just exactly how understanding she really is) dropped everything and headed off to the UK on election day to watch it all in person, by ferry and train, because we wanted to do it all ecologically. But we didn't stop there, for we took the Eurostar to Paris and then slowly worked our way down over the course of a few days to Carcassonne where we were finally forced to abandon our ecological credentials and fly back to Dublin this afternoon.

Along the way we joined pro-democracy rallies in Trafalgar square, visited Monet's garden, toured the Centre du George Pompidou at midnight, saw possibly the best reproduction of prehistoric cave art in the world, and walked the walls of a Cathar stronghold at sunset. And avoided an awful lot of duck liver, which was surprisingly difficult.

Updates will follow over the next few days, and no doubt a few pictures will as well. Thanks for your patience, and its good to be back.



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