06 April 2010

Yeah, but its raining

And so an uncharismatic, short-tempered and deeply unpopular leader bows to the nation's demands and takes the long drive up to the great house, cap in hand, to ask the titular Head of State to exercise one of her few remaining powers and dissolve the elected assembly, calling a national election. The people have spoken, no longer will the corruption and financial mismanagement be accepted, no more to the quangos and expenses scandals, no more to the destruction of state run hospitals and the degradation of a once triumphant education system. It all ends here, today, and in four weeks the people will rise up and finally have their voices heard. Arise, citizens, the hour is upon us, arise!

erm, except, unfortunately, this is all happening in another country. The UK to be exact. Poo.

But fear not, a triumphant movement bringing together rural and urban poor has marched upon the streets of the nation's capital to protest against the socially conservative and economically neo-liberal ruling elite. Despite the near total control of the media by supporters of the ruling party hundreds of thousands of protesters at this very minute continue to occupy government buildings and have brought the capital's streets to a standstill demanding a return to true democracy and an abandonment of social and economic policies that only benefit the richest 1% at the expense of the vast majority of the population living below the poverty line. It all ends here, today, the people have risen up and finally their voices will be heard. Arise, citizens, the hour is upon us, arise!

erm, except, unfortunately, this too is also all happening in another country. Thailand to be exact. Double poo.

And here, well, you see, its raining. We've all had a nice four-day weekend and so its back to work now, heads down, focus on just getting through the day until its time to go home and head out to the pub tonight to watch the match, maybe play the lotto tomorrow, nice bit of golf at the weekend if the weather eases up, if not then off to the pub for another match and a few scoops with the lads, or out on the town with the girls and Bacardi Breezers all round or a bottle or two of the old Cab Sauv, and a bite to eat at Harvey Nicks, roish. Did I mention its raining?

Double-plus poo.

For the Irish amongst you who still live in Ireland, I say to you that if you don't feel like marching, if you don't feel like protesting, even if you don't especially feel like we need an immediate change in Government, read Fintan O'Toole in today's Irish Times. Read it, and tell me you're not angry.

And if you're not, you're part of the problem.



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