15 April 2010

A lot done, a lot more to do

And so we have reached the magical 500th post here at Booming Back. With just over four years of posting and more than a few smiles, polemical rants, snafus, spelling misdemeanors and the occasional awkward and uncomfortable silence behind us it is worth pausing to reflect on what the outcome of all of this has been.

One way traditionally used to measure impact is the number of column inches devoted in traditional dead-tree media to whatever you are blathering on about. This being the age of post-tree news, however, a snapshot of where you are in the great tangled web of pre-singularity/post-human consciousness might be slightly more appropriate, and for this I turn to rather helpful folks at MIT's Media Lab to try and understand how 500 posts of bloggy goodness have been received online.

According to their Personas program, both Unkie Dave and Booming Back are perceived slightly differently by the great and powerful web. Personas scans the internet for references to an inputted name, and then characterizes those references into a few predetermined categories and visually displays the resulting online persona in a colourful bar (click on any of the images below to expand).

As you can see the results for Booming Back itself get somewhat skewed by a certain Dutch techno producer, and for some bizarre reason an awful lot of sports references. The distribution between Politics and Religion is pretty spot on though.

Unkie Dave, however, is unnaturally concerned with Fame and Education, which no doubt many of you suspected all along.

The analysis engine is also visualized, and throws up an interesting pattern of webquotes, blog posts and assorted online flotsam and jetsam that it is mining to create the profile:

For the record I have not now, nor ever in the past, considered buying a Furry.

Whatever that is.

So obviously to bring my online persona more inline with my mental self-image, to bring about the happy situation where you, dear reader, think that I am writing about what I also think I am writing about, I must devote even more energy towards posting about government corruption, religious intolerance, and the abandonment of civic duties and responsibilities by the fourth estate and the citizenry themselves, all with pretty pictures and the occasional snide remark directed at (insert unsolicited bugbear of the week here).

Are you excited? I'm excited!

Here's to the next 500!



At 7:48 am, Anonymous Felix said...

Congratulations on the 500th post! And thanks for the introduction to the fab Personas programme.

It's a good feeling, and I am looking forward to the next 500+ posts. I love that your blog isn't single-issue and that you place political analysis directly beside cloth keyboard items you have purchased and your ideas re: Lacan beside the hyperbolic crochet coral reef. I love all the curiosity and the different directions... the tangents and intelligence and the humour.

The ongoing saga of your doorbell is one thing I will be extra specially keeping an eye out for in coming decades.


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