31 March 2010

The wood and the trees

The more astute among you are probably expecting some sort of NAMA-tinged rant about now. I can understand this, NAMA has been the subject of much wrath and ire over the last few months here on Booming Back, and yesterday's announcement of the scale of the bail out is simply staggering. You could easily be forgiven for predicting that I would write a castigating and scathing post about our political masters once again mortgaging the nation's future to protect the interests of their paymasters in the financial and property sectors, and indeed in days gone by you would have been Nostradamus-like with the accuracy of your prediction.

However on this, the last day of March 2010, I have reached the end of my initial three month attempt to steer clear of day-to-day ruminations and an accompanying desire to focus on the broader picture, the longer term, to see the wood and not the trees and so and, and so forth. During this period I have abandoned social networks and reduced my RSS feeds, I have rejected commentaries on current events and focused my gaze on more timeless questions of science and philosophy, and ridiculously long trilogies published in the nineties.

I have come to appreciate that what happens today has less impact on my life than what happend last week, or last year, and I have as little ability to change or affect it than I do events that occurred a hundred years ago. What has happened today has happened, and cannot be changed, so instead of spending all my time and effort focused on a past over which I have no control, these last three months have been spent trying to focus on the future, which is infinitely mutable. But talk about the future is for another day's post.

Commenting on a day's events within the same sunrise and sunset of the event is to focus on the tree and not the wood, and is the fatal flaw of the blogger. If you spend all your time recounting the flaws of the individual trees you won't notice that the whole wood has absconded with €21.8 Billion of your money to rescue a morally and financially bankrupt institution so that its shareholders, who obviously can't read or they would have seen the omnipresent notices proclaiming that the value of shares and/or investments can go down as well as up, won't be inconvenienced any further. Those type of woods can be pretty crafty, and if I wasn't such a strong environmentalist I would suggest burning the whole lot down and clearing the way for new growth, that way you wouldn't have to worry about the woods or the trees.

But then what would I write about?

Thus in the absence of the heated diatribe that you have so cruelly been denied, I leave you with a consolation prize of some pretty pictures of a garden full of ornately planted and sculpted trees. On Saturday The Very Understanding Girlfriend and I took a trip down to Powerscourt House and Gardens, and basked in the warm spring sunshine. Last night the nation shivered in arctic snow and sleet, which arrived uncaring and unmoved by the change in the clocks from winter to summer time.

You can blame NAMA for that as well.

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At 2:36 am, Blogger g man said...

The people are to blame, dont moan in the pub and hope it all goes away in the morning.


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