19 March 2010

St Patrick and a Sufi

And so spring finally arrives in Dublin. It always amazes me that we celebrate our national Tourist Day in the middle of March, an action seemingly solely designed to allow us to instantly identify parade partipants later in the day by the degree of frostbite they have suffered, a real souvenir from Ireland that they can show all their classmates back in East St Nowhere, Missouri presumably through the implausible medium of faux show tunes, if my knowledge of US teen culture gained almost exclusively through ads for programs on E4 is in anyway accurate.

And I think we all can agree that it is.

Alas having a dentist appointment yesterday morning I was unable to participate in the traditional celebrations of our culture, forgoing the usual pints before breakfast, brown envelope of cash at lunch, construction of a criminally substandard apartment block in the middle of a flood plain and the granting of a nice bit of tax relief on the side in the late afternoon, followed by a hearty meal of clerical abuse and massive societal inequality and a rather tasty bit of bailing out with public money for all of my criminal misdeeds for dessert. After all this any lesser nation would barely have room for a bit of after-dinner public urination and a fight in the taxi-queue, but somehow we manage to persevere. Makes you truly proud to be Irish.

Now just because I chose not to participate in the wearing of the green this week does not mean that I have been slack, far from it in fact. My week has been chock-a-block with meetings, siblings, fillings and wires and the glacially paced writing of Kim Stanley Robinson, none of which unfortunately makes for an interesting blog post. Thus rather than bore you with unnecessary detail, I thought I would present you with a top-level executive summary of the last seven days in the life of Unkie Dave:

Books read: 2
Pages read: 1449
Business meetings that contributed to the betterment of society: 3
Business meetings where I made money: 0
Meters of speaker cable connected: 52
Width of living room in meters: 3.6
Trips to the dentist: 2
Fillings: 1
New Albums listened to: 3
Trips to the parcel delivery office: 1
Number of weeks a parcel, but not the one I had gone to collect, had been sitting there without them informing me it had arrived: 2
Family members entertained in our house over a 24 hour period: 8
Average number of cups of Chicory consumed per day: .57
Average number of cups of Chicory enjoyed per day: 0
Parades viewed: 0

And thus ends another week in the life of Unkie Dave.

Lest you feel somewhat unsatisfied or shortchanged by this visit to Booming Back, feeling there was nothing that really spoke to you on a personal level, I leave you with one solid recommendation from my week, Gonjasufi's new album 'A Sufi and a Killer', a messy distorted melange of funk, spirituals and hip-hop all filtered through a glitchy lo-fi Warp lens. The track 'Ancestors' has been on heavy rotation here since its inclusion in the Warp 2010 sampler released last December, and the full album is the best thing I've heard so far this year.

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At 5:29 pm, Anonymous steve said...

tell me more about the 52M of speaker cable.

At 11:36 am, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

Home speaker cable, not professional speakers I'm afraid.

originally I had my speakers with about 2m of cable (QED Silver XT) each, then decided to put the speakers on the other side of the room. Rather than move the amp I decided to run new lengths of cable along three walls to get to the new speaker position, the furthest length needed being 12m. Because of the length involved I got 24m of regular QED cable and spent an afternoon setting everything up, then couldn't listen to them because the sound quality was noticeably worse at the top end, with a hiss on any sibilant sounds. So I broke down and went to the internet and got 24m of QED silver for less than what I paid for the bogstandard cable in Peats.

If I had gone with the basic cabling at the start I would have been totally happy, but starting with better cable and then downgrading was a bad idea in hindsight.

If you know anybody that wants 2x12M of bogstandard QED cable, let me know, otherwise its going up on ebay next week.


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