12 March 2010

Na'vi Warrior Dubz

This is a Na'vi oblivious to the impending doom around them and unconcerned by their recent lack of significant Oscar success thanks to the soothing worbworbworbworbworb-worb-wooooorb-worbworb of some old school dubstep, as drawn for my good self by the enviably talented Deirdre Ruane over at Wasted Epiphanies, a web comic exploring the thoughts and tribulations of Ms Ruane, and the occasional polar bear stuck in a dead-end temping job.

Prompted by one of the best conversations in the comments to take place here at Booming Back in recent months I took a visit to her site and spent more time than I actually had reading through her recent output and ended up by ordering her first collection, "One Word for Everything", self published and available for the princely sum of £3.50, or £8.50 with a personalized sketch like Mr Happypants Na'vi above. Her strip is published every Thursday, and definitely worth bookmarking.

And as for the Na'vi, this was the strip that sold me on Deirdre's work, funny 'cause its true, sad 'cause its true.



At 5:07 pm, Anonymous devi said...

Aw, lovely feedback - thank you. I'll be following your blog with interest.

I notice there's now a Facebook group to try and persuade James Cameron to give some of his profits to indigenous Amazon peoples' organisations, which is a nice sentiment but shyeah, right.

At 10:41 am, Blogger Jonzer said...

They have old school dubstep now?

At 11:04 am, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

@Love_Rhino - I think technically anything that was made more than 6 months ago is 'old school'. Its a very fast moving and ever evolving genre.


even thought it all, and I do mean 'all', sounds the same to me.


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