23 February 2010

A bit of pruning

"As you can see the two blackcurrent bushes here, probably closer than you would ideally plant" - Trevor Sargent

"Well obviously you've had them for a few years and you've done a bit of pruning but like a lot of people you haven't been terribly brave and you've left a lot of the old wood and I'm afraid we're going to need to do a bit of damage here" - Nicky Kyle

Nicky Kyle in conversation with Trevor Sargent, January 2010.
It really is time to call shenanigans once and for all on the current Government. Last week the Greens publicly support (then) Minister O'Dea during a vote of confidence only to have Senator Dan Boyle Tweet his lack of confidence in O'Dea after the vote, and so the Minister had to resign late on Thursday evening. The Government survived but the Greens publicly stood up to Fianna Fail. This afternoon the Evening Herald runs with a leaked story about Green Minister Trevor Sargent interfering in a Garda case, and he resigns within a matter of hours.

Has any political assassination ever been conducted so clumsily and cack-handedly? Fianna Fail have bypassed the whole horse-head-in-a-bed stage and moved directly to ambushes-at-toll-booths. We are now at full-on "they pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue' in the best Oirish accent Sean Connery can muster.

Sargent is a decent person, he led the Greens to election victory and then kept his word that he would not lead the Party into coalition with Fianna Fail, resigning as party leader after the members voted in favour of the ill fated deal. Over the last twelve months political commentators have suggested that he was the only Green TD who stood a chance of keeping his seat come the next election, and now he has had to resign in disgrace, collateral damage in the ongoing soap opera that masquerades as our current Government.

Its like watching your parents constantly fight in public, after it happens often enough you get over the shock and just wish they would hurry up and get a divorce and stop embarrassing you in front of your friends. Seriously guys, we know you still love us and we know its not our fault. Sometimes two people just aren't meant to be together any more. Now go your separate ways and get with the whole 'buying us lots of presents out of guilt' already.



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