20 January 2010

On Hope and Change

Three years ago this week on the occasion of my 34th birthday I made my first ever political donation to the exploratory committee of a young Senator from Illinois. Though the country of my blood is not always the country of my heart, the man I watched stood as the antithesis of everything that had occurred over the last six years, and I was moved to action. I dared to think that the world might actually change.

Two years ago today I sat and watched the son of a Kenyan immigrant in the church of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. declare that if the people stood together the walls of oppression would be shaken down to the ground. I could feel that the world was about to change.

One year ago today I stood on the frozen grass of the National Mall with a million other people and watched the world change.

Only it didn't.

It didn't.

Nothing more really needs to be said than that.

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At 5:11 pm, Blogger Niall Murphy said...

If you want something done...

At 5:40 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

Ah yes, let us not wait for false Messiahs, let us proclaim our own divinity instead.


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