08 January 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

After yesterday's mid-afternoon foray into the polar conditions outside I was motivated to venture forth at night with a slightly better camera. Luckily I had outfitted for an excursion to the Arctic Circle last year so I felt slightly more prepared for the shock and awe that Mother Nature had awaiting me beyond the comfort of my sheep's-wool insulated walls.

Late in the afternoon as dusk fell a freezing fog crept in and blanketed much of the city, depositing a fine layer of snow over an already icy tableau. While the canal might not have been frozen solid enough for a Frost Fair, it was still rather nice.

More photos can be found here.

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At 2:14 pm, Anonymous steve said...

they're beautiful. the place really looks great. nice to see the gallery labelled as the harbour too. you should tag some of the photos as "the park" and "the basin" heh.

At 6:29 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

@steve - thanks, I'm pretty poor at the whole tagging thing, its basically something I keep meaning to get round to but the longer I leave it the more work needs to be done.


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