16 November 2009

Rainbow over Aungier Street

I am often quite disparaging about the quality of the iPhone 2G camera, specifically accusing it of being basically inoperable in anywhere but the permanent summer's daylight of Southern California. At night, or your typical Irish daytime, it is altogether a rather frustrating affair for anyone used to a recent Nokia with its Carl Zeiss lens. But with a few of the numerous Camera Aps available one can occasionally make something a little more interesting from the 2 Megpixels of inbuilt disappointment that Cupertino saw fit to laden their initial offering with.

The above shot was built on the iPhone itself from a number of photos taken in drizzly conditions on Aungier Street and meshed together with AutoStitch, from Cloudburst Research, currently $1.99/€1.59, and even given the poor light and rainy conditions it still manages to convey a sense of what this afternoon was actually like.

Which was pretty miserable.



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