16 November 2009

Dayvan Cowboy

I was reading about this earlier this morning and it reminded me of the above video for "Dayvan Cowboy" by Boards of Canada, possibly my favourite video of all time, just perfectly timed archival footage that captures the ebb-and-flow soundscape of the song.

The footage is mainly of Joseph Kittinger's parachute jump on August 16th, 1960, from a high altitude balloon at over 31,000 meters (officially he jumped at 102,800 ft). He fell for four and half minutes, and hit a top speed of 714 mph, and a great interview with him on the jump can be found here.

It is one of those videos that once you've watched it make it impossible to hear the song again without seeing the video's imagery in your mind; director Melissa Olson has created a perfect blend of sound and vision that is completely hypnotic to watch.



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