05 October 2009

ordo ab chao

To avoid the depressing coverage of Lisbon, and to keep to my strict vow not to comment on the ongoing renegotiation of the Program for Government I have been keeping myself quite occupied for the last few days.

Friday saw a mad dash to Heuston Station from our local polling booth to catch a 6pm train to Galway for a friend's house warming. Never has democracy been exercised in such a slap-dash last minute fashion; despite an excellent series of articles in the current issue of Village Magazine read in the week leading up to the Referendum that almost caused me to vote Yes, I finally went with my conscience and voted No, though only deciding that about an hour before I marked the box with my X. You can now add me to Michael O'Leary's list of losers, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I haven't betrayed my core beliefs.

The house warming was great, catching up with friends that I haven't seen in far too many months, though an unfortunate incident with an extractor fan hood and my skull left me feeling a bit woozy for a sizable portion of the evening (seriously, why do they put them at head height, it just doesn't make sense?). After a rather good group brunch in Ard Bia the next day, the Very Understanding Girlfriend and I returned home to continue working on the great project that has occupied both of us for the majority of our week, the overhaul of our shared office.

We moved in to our apartment three years ago, and unbelievably there are still a few boxes from that move left packed and unloved under tables and on top of bookcases. City center living has its advantages, but storage space is not one of them. Coupled with the glacial speed of our decision making, a process that can only be measured in geological time, the effects on our shared office can only be described as 'cluttering', in the same way World War II is referred to as 'The Emergency', twenty-plus years of Civil War in the North are called 'The Troubles', and the abomination of a season between winters that we have endured since time immemorial is humorously called 'Summer'.

Thus at the instigation of The Very Understanding Girlfriend we finally broke down last week and decided to do something about the Himalayan piles of books and miscellaneous stuff that threatened to rain down literary destruction upon us at any moment, and try and put some order onto our office. One trip to a magical Swedish furniture shop and about three days of hammering, screwing, bracketing and coughing up lungfulls of particle board and plaster and our office is starting to look a little less like it was made by FEMA.

Surprisingly now that the contents of our life are no longer strewn around the floor, we seem to have less storage space than before. Somehow the random piles of accumulata had organised themselves into a perfect Weaire-Phelan structure, allowing seemingly Tardis-like storage to occur. This perfect tension has now been broken and we are left with an impeccable office but an unnavigable hallway.

Life, you see, is all about enforced compromises. Getting one part of it totally sorted necessitates taking a hit in another.

Just like Lisbon really.

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At 4:57 pm, Blogger Jonathan said...

Phew! I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from lack of Booming Back activity. Please ensure this does not happen again in future.

We also made a recent trip to the self same Swedish emporium and went for the same stock, but in red ... to match our previous, indentical swedish purchases. Now you just need to alphabetise/chronologise your music collection. You may think ... oh, hang on there's somebody at the door. Hello. What are the white coats for? No! Wait let go of me! Argh....

At 7:14 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

The sad thing is, that's almost exactly what i have been doing this afternoon. While everything was in disorganised heaps I put all the cds I needed for Djing into three cd wallets (one for commercial corporate gigs, one for music I actually liked, and one somewhere in between).

Now that I have the cd cases up on shelves comes the arduous task of trying to match the cds to the cases, and you'd be surprised how many cds don't have any writing on the fronts to give any sort of clue as to who they might be by.

I've given up without about half left to do. No white coats for me, no siree.

At 8:36 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

Is that an Antarctica book I see on your shelf? What's that doing there Unkie Dave? Planning a little voyage are we...

At 2:34 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

no alas, it was a wistful €4 purchase from Oxfam books on Parliament Street, probably the closest to the Antarctic that I'll ever get.

On the other hand, I have been almost as far away from the Antarctic as it is possible to get and still be on Earth, so that should count for something.

At 1:32 am, Blogger g man said...

jim corr didn't betray his cor ( honest no pun intened) beliefs either, www.jimcorr.com. Where was my invite, dont blame the postman. I could smell the cheese in Rialto

your office looks great and makes me weep when I think about mine

At 10:19 am, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

a) the housewarming we went to was in Galway, b) you probably don't know the folks, hence the lack of an invite but yes, c) there was a cheese course at about 2am and given the nature of said cheese I am sure you could indeed smell it in Rialto.

Hope to see ye soon!

At 12:19 pm, Blogger g man said...

I can smell cheese all the way to le harve in the east and bermuda in the west, and remember cheese is a type of meat a tasty little treat as jim corr may say.


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