20 September 2009

And a star to sail her by

Still on the subject of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, we went out to a few events at the Fringe Festival last night and on the way home I took this photo of the Jeanie Johnston, the replica 19th century sailing ship built nearly ten years ago to commemorate the famine voyages. I think there are plans to turn her into a floating museum, but with funding scarce in our post-Tiger economy who knows what will happen.



At 4:09 pm, Blogger Ebauche said...

Nice pic! Any change of a larger version?

At 9:51 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

cheers! try clicking on it now, or you can find something in between here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/m70ceAA9INwRcSArJG225w?feat=directlink

At 11:54 am, Blogger 2BiT said...

yeh that's a great pic..ya never took that on yer iPone?

At 5:48 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

@2BiT nope, not an iPhone indeed, that piece of poo couldn't take a picture at night (insert metaphor here). Its with a Canon 500D with the basic 18-55mm lens, all very entry level DSLR stuff.

At 5:52 pm, Blogger Ebauche said...

Whether it's entry level or not, the difference in photo quality between an SLR and a point and shoot is fantastic - comes down to proper lenses (even if the megapixels aren't super mega).

Also the size of the CCD is important. Full frame CCD's will become more common.

And yeah, let's not even compare image quality on phones. Pooey.


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