09 July 2009

La Dolce Vita

Unexpectedly I find myself back in Dublin. The Very Understanding Girlfriend and I have been on the road for some time now, mostly in Tuscany, and to be honest I had been enjoying an extended sojourn away from the world of blogs and RSS feeds and even mobile phones.

But alas the real world caught up with us in the form of three weeks worth of rain falling in Dublin in a matter of two hours, most of it apparently on the roof of our building, working its way through the apartment above into our kitchen, then down through our walls into the offices below us.


Thanks to a sterling clean-up effort above and beyond the call of duty by the Talented Mr K, our anarcho-gourmand house-sitter, our homecoming was not as traumatic as it could have been, but we were still left sitting in the near-dark last night trying to figure out which light switches were safe to use, and which were likely to kill us.


The irony of our eco-home being a victim of climate-change induced weather patterns is not lost on me.

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At 11:30 pm, Blogger Ebauche said...

Oh no! Jeebuz, sorry to hear about that dude. Not what you want to return home to at all.

Time to return to Italy?


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