08 June 2009

Something for the weekend

Thanks to the amazing generosity of my sister, who took Friday off and traveled up to Dublin to look after my grandmother, I had the weekend off to catch up with some friends and unwind a bit after the intensity of the past week. My grandfather is doing well, has received a very good bill of health from his doctors, and I am off out to pick him up from the hospital this afternoon and take him home.

Friday was the launch party for Love Rhino's new album 'Tumatakuru' upstairs in Anseo. The night started with a fantastic and unexpectedly dance-y live set from Ebauche, and finished up with a great guitar and loops set from Halodarkly, but the highlight of the evening was naturally enough the main event itself with a live set from Love Rhino (on guitar and laptop) accompanied by Rude Doc on drums and laptop. I'm a huge fan of anyone who takes electronica beyond the laptop and knob twiddling and has an energetic and engaging live presence, and Mr Rhino was clearly enjoying himself with a surprisingly jazzy guitar performance over some really smart and snappy loops. The album itself has a very diverse range of tracks, encompassing a wide variety of styles that Mr Rhino effortlessly carries off and the production quality is superb. I am constantly put to shame by the talent of my friends, but Mr Rhino has really excelled himself with this release.

Saturday saw an afternoon's worth of paintballing in torrential rain out in Wicklow, and a night of food and frolics to celebrate the impending marriage of a good friend to an equally good friend. Despite taking a shot directly to the face I survived the afternoon, and a cunning decision early on to abstain from alcohol for the night ensured I survived the evening and following morning as well.

I arrived home sore and still damp, but the election victory of Joe Higgins in the early hours of this morning was all the boost that I needed to set me up for the week ahead. While the rest of Europe has lurched to the right, Ireland has shifted dramatically to the left, and all it took was the catastrophic meltdown of of entire economic system - who could have guessed?


Love Rhino
Photos from the album launch

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