24 June 2009

If I walk to Dublin

Just spent a rather nice few days in the company of Arjedre, she of Tales of the Have' fame, who tagged on a three day sojourn in Ireland to the end of of week of classical Greek workshops in London. One of our good friends from our time in the US, we have managed to see her at least once a year since we moved back to Dublin, and it always feels like no time has passed, surely the mark of a really good friendship.

On Saturday we ventured in to Merrion Square and spent the afternoon and early evening at the Street Performance World Championship. This was everything that the taste of Dublin should have been, but wasn't - free, inclusive, entertaining and a proper use of city resources for something that was accessible by all the people of Dublin. To see the streets in front of the Dail closed off so that a Brooklyn B-boy crew could do their thing was just the antidote to the Celtic Tiger-aftertaste left over from last week. Amazing!

Sunday evening saw us break out of the pressure-cooker humidity and overcast skies and head out to Whiterock beach, off Vico Road in Killiney. Although we drove it's near enough to Killiney Dart station, as of course is Killiney beach itself, but still hidden away that it never seems to get too crowded. The fact that, like most of the South Dublin/North Wicklow coast it is a rocky, rather than sandy beach, also contributed to its relative emptiness, but on a calm tranquil night you just can't beat it for sitting back and watching the stars come out, with the gentle breaking of the waves around you.

Monday saw a day trip to Glendalough, with a continuation of the crazy humidity providing the perfect conditions for a ridiculous number of flying biting things to try and make me their dinner, and the evening saw us end up at the Blue Light Pub high above the city with hands-down the best views of Dublin bar none. A perfect end to a great three days.

As always all it takes to rekindle my love of the city is for me to see it through the eyes of a stranger.

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