15 June 2009

Cause I think we've seen that movie too

Ah, yet again I have managed to drag The Very Understanding Girlfriend off to a seriously poo film, for which (yet again) she will never forgive me. In my defense this time she actually wanted to go, and expressed an interest in doing so at multiple occasions throughout the last week.

The film? 'Terminator: Salvation'.

If you miss only one film this year, let it be this one*. Apart from the poo script, poo acting, poo editing and painfully poo direction, the whole lack of a discernible plot was exacerbated significantly by the presence of Christian Bale. How does this guy keep getting work? I blame "Reign of Fire" for all of this, because on set Bale must have struck up a life long friendship with Matthew McConaughey and has turned to him for acting tips and advice ever since when stuck for inspiration - "Listen Chris, when you are faced with some on-screen trauma, you should scowl, grunt and spit and then everyone will marvel at your angsty performance of a man wrestling with the trauma of his own humanity".

This film was almost worse than I Am Legend.

On that subject, as the Very Understanding Girlfriend and I walked home along the Luas tracks from Dundrum at 1am last night (we missed the last Luas because of this film and couldn't stomach throwing any more money away on the night by getting a taxi), we started to throw out film titles for the inevitable sequel** to I am Legend. The ones I remember are:
I am Legender
I'm still Legend
I'm Too Legend
Oh Legend, Where art thou?
Anyway, if you do feel like going to the cinema, please try and catch Werner Herzog's 'Encounters at the End of the World', out on DVD in the US and still in some cinemas here now.

Herzog and a cameraman went to Antarctica to film the lives of the various people who work there and came back with some fantastic interviews, spectacular images, no Christian penguins, and more than a few moments that really blew my mind, such as the clip above of the incredible sounds made by seals underwater - when the recordings first started I assumed it was ambient electronica playing on the soundtrack, and I ended up listening to the sequence over and over again when I realised it was actually the unprocessed natural clicks and calls of Waddell seals - simply incredible.

Why couldn't I have taken The Very Understanding Girlfriend to see that instead? Oh well, maybe I can make it up to her in a few weeks with Transformers 2.

* You really don't need to see this film, check out the abridged script here (thanks 8den)

** Apparently they are now making a prequel, thanks again for the info 8den. Still doesn't make up for 'Reign of Fire' though, for which I will always blame you.



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