04 May 2009

Sunday always seems to move so slow

Went out to Howth yesterday for my grandmother's birthday. A reasonably large multigenerational family gathering ensued, and a remarkably good time was had by all. My family continues to be a source of some amazement for me, growing up we never really went in for big family get-togethers and I still find myself somewhat surprised when I find myself in a room full of similar genes for an extended period and nothing bad happens.

Also somewhat amazingly, the tubes of the information superhighway now extend all the way up to my family house. Once the last bastion of the unwired realm of the luddites, scorning both the internet and mobile phone signals of all denominations and creeds, there now appears to be a rather healthy wireless network and the sky has filled with multiple signs and portents that the older generations of my family have discovered the interweb. I am now faced with a dilemma I never imagined, the possibility of my mother reading my blog, or sending me a Friend request in Facebook.

I am 36, and yet suddenly I'm 16 again and worried about my mum overhearing me on the phone with friends planning a night at the Grove and trying to figure out who's going to buy the naggin of vodka.

It was whilst innocently testing out this new found connectivity that I was rumbled by my sisters as I posted the odd tweet or two, and as penance I was summarily ushered out onto the cliff walk for a five mile trek along the coast and down into Howth village itself. In truth this was the highlight of the day, and amazing few hours spent with both sisters and a future brother-in-law* walking along the cliffs in an ever-changing evening light, arriving in Howth in time for sunset and a few pints. We rarely spend so much time together, cursed both by geography and a genetic predisposition to sloth and apathy**, and I came away from the evening with sore legs and a happy heart, and a resolve to not let so much time pass before we do something similar again.

All-in-all not a bad way to spend a Bank Holiday Sunday.

* in truth he is more an Indefinite Future brother-in-law, for at this stage they seem to have the good sense to be in no rush to actually complete the act of jumping over the broom stick.

** in the interests of full disclosure it might be argued that these traits have manifested themselves greatest in the first born child, your humble narrator.


Photos of the cliff walk and Howth

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At 3:25 pm, Anonymous tpy said...

While traversing in Howth, I recommend steering clear of wampas.


At 3:48 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

ouch. That's worse than last week's Lost episode, "Some like it Hoth"


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