16 May 2009

See into the trees

I decided to get out of Dublin for a little bit, and spent the last three days up visiting a few friends in Longford. It is always good to get away for a few days; much and all as I am unapologetic urbanite the city can get very claustrophobic, especially when the sky reaches down to cover the tops of the buildings with a cold grey blanket of unending misery.

The midlands are not the most scenic part of the country, but my friends live in the middle of nowhere with nothing but undulating hills, trees and the occasional herd of disinterested cows as far as the eye can see. As a place to get away from everything related to the city it can't be more highly recommended - my phone doesn't even work there!

A friend and I drove up on Wednesday (he drove, I provided erroneous directions and facetious commentary) with our bicycles in the back of the car, with every intention of spending a day or two out treating the cows to the sight of scared city boys trying not to get killed by country drivers on roads twistier and narrower than my duodenum. But alas the weather was against us with a torrential downpour that seemed to arrive with us, and leave shortly after we returned to Dublin.


Not to be completely denied the opportunity to commune with nature, or a reasonable approximation thereof, we donned our raincoats and set off for a stroll around Derrycassin Wood, on the shores of Lough Gowna. The light drizzle couldn't dampen our enthusiasm, it was in fact the very definition of "A Grand Soft Day", and we were rewarded by the amazing sight of bluebells as far as the eye could see, just recently come into bloom and carpeting almost every corner of the forest. The contrast between the iridescent blues and the electric greens of the moss and birch leaves was amazing, something I have never witnessed to such a degree before and impossible to describe the magical nature of it all in words.

I took an awful lot of photos, but again these really fail to capture the true beauty as the mechanical lens is no match for the power of the human eye. That, and I still can't figure out the ISO settings on my Canon.

An incredibly revitalizing visit, thanks to everyone who was there for making it great.

Photos of Derrycassin Wood

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