23 May 2009

On the woad (part I)

And yet another silence has engulfed these hallowed pages, which the more astute of you will have assumed to be the result of yet another exotic excursion on the part of your humble narrator. Oh happy Readers, how wise you all are.

While The Very Understanding Girlfriend continues her field work abroad, I took the opportunity to sneak away myself for a few days to the slightly-less-far-away locale of Edinburgh. While up in Longford last week I heard talk of a planned trip to Scotland by car, and with a spare seat available, though foolishly contingent upon my abilities as a navigator, I threw all caution to the wind and signed myself up for that most quintessentially male of all film genres*, a road trip.

The catalyst for this trip was the Reel Iraq festival, a celebration of Iraqi film, written word and history organised by a few friends of ours. I had never been to Scotland despite having numerous friends that have moved there temporarily or more permanently over the years, and this seemed a good opportunity to visit, explore and learn, while not adding to my carbon crater.

Thus bright and early on Tuesday morning I boarded a train heading north towards Longford to begin the 620 Km journey armed with nothing more than a change of clothes, a bag of macaroons and a sense of my own invulnerability...

* Not having a gun, a badge, or any remaining respect for our current system of law enforcement and criminal "justice", having a go at a cop movie would have been right out. Though I do posses a fine hat, a taste for whiskey and a stiff pare of boots, my lack of horse-riding skills and/or any romantic feelings towards Heath Ledger also preclude me from the cowboy genre.



At 2:23 pm, Anonymous steve said...

i find all road trips are well accompanied with macaroons. it delighted me to read that you have been sharing this experience.


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