11 May 2009

Now everything's cool and everything's smooth

So while the Very Understanding Girlfriend is away, I have had to begin to face up to the task of amusing myself, keeping myself occupied, and preventing the onset of immense boredom that usually threatens to obliterate all in its path within a matter of days, although in an incredibly unexciting or diverting way.

In the old days I would probably meet up with a few drinking buddies, stay out well past late o'clock and spend the next day or so nursing a very sore head and exploring the thankfully rarely used 'past regretful' tense of the English language*. With great age, however comes great wisdom, not to mention the inability to deal with hangovers in any shape or form, and thus avoiding the sirens calls of my youth I instead went out yesterday and bought a blender.

This week, I will mostly be making... smoothies.

I definitely got bitten by the smoothie bug in Brno a few weeks ago, and so have decided to try my hand at this in the comfort and privacy of my own home. While my efforts to date have yet to be approved for external human trials, in true mad scientist fashion I have been testing them all without hesitation on myself. So far, barring any unnoticed or overlooked BrundleFly incidents, the results have been spectacular. My favourite so far is my "interpretation" of a well-known simian-influenced concoction that I am calling a "None-key Business", because it is dairy free.
Nonekey Business
3/4 glass orange juice
2 ice-cream scoops of probiotic soy-yogurt
3/4 ice-cream scoop peanut butter
half a banana
1 tablespoon of honey, or Golden Syrup for a Vegan smoothie
Heaven in a glass.

Of course, the fact that it would probably taste even better with a shot or two of Jim Beam and Butterscotch Schnapps mixed in hasn't gone entirely unnoticed...

With forecasters predicting a glorious summer I am now officially looking forward to a hammocktacular few months.

* as in "Oh jaysus my head, why did I have those sake martini's last night?", followed inevitably by the 'future implausible' tense, "I am never drinking again, ever"



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