05 May 2009

a false taft of black on green

Whilst walking along George's Street last night The Very Understanding Girlfriend spotted another in the ongoing street art series of site specific faux US Visa Waivers that have cropped up in and around Dublin city center.

This was annoying because I have been photographing them for the last few months and only told her about them last night, about two hours before she spotted one that I had not seen before. To be fair though, her frequent jaunts across the Atlantic have made the long green form of officialdom a very familiar sight indeed.

The handwritten text on each form is both a commentary on Irish life, and the location in which the form has been posted. The printed text of the form is common to all posts, and has been altered to read:
This form is your life and dreams, a false taft of black on green, a waiver of lies and screams. This form is your home and work, a commute, a perk, a time machine of sun and snow. This form is hills and roads, towers and codes, keys and holes. This form is flowers and hopes, the ground, the shoulder and ropes.

Keep an eye out for them, they are far more interesting and poetic than the usual "Anto + Jackie" scrawls that grace most Dublin walls.

Visa Waiver photo series

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