18 May 2009

Dancing at the Crossroads

Went into the launch party for Prince Kong's new vinyl release "Crossroads" in the Thomas House on Saturday. Promoting another strong release from Alphabet Set, the night saw live performances from Bluefood, t-woc and a thumping set from Prince Kong himself with MC action from Super Extra Bonus Party's Rodrigo.

The night took a decidedly surreal turn due to some interesting double-booking action in the venue, with the Alphabet Set gig in the basement and a Rockabilly night in the main bar upstairs. Over the course of the night a steady stream of rockabilly fans made their way downstairs, lured by the sirens' call of Brazilian rhymes thrown down over skinny-white Irish boy dancehall beats (but seriously, who could resist that). The effort that the Rockabilly folks go to in putting on their party smocks and makeup is impressive, and it lent a twisted 40's ambiance to the whole affair.

Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me, so the photos all came out pretty lame, as usual, but you can check them out (for what they're worth) here.

Alphabet Set
Prince Kong
Super Extra Bonus Party

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