12 May 2009

Bicycle races are coming your way

Miracle of miracles, it looks like the city is actually on the verge of getting its Velib-like bicycle scheme. This week has seen construction finally begin on the bicycle parking stations, which will eventually number around 40.

I passed by one of these at the top of Camden Street today, and in fact according to a helpful map provided by the AA (though not by Dublin City Council) a disproportionate amount of theses stations will be located in and around Dublin 2, with four rather cleverly located right on the banks of the Grand Canal itself.

This is such an obvious disaster waiting to happen, the canal is a magnet for bike, shopping trollies, traffic cones and dead drug dealers, its a wonder the swans have any room left to breed.

I've already commented on this scheme, and the extraordinary deal JC Deceaux got in comparison to similar schemes in other cities. Now that construction has actually started, I think I will take off my Hat of Cynicism and see how it all plays out.

Its just a pity that this scheme is finally starting here mere weeks after JC Deceaux announced that they can't afford to run the flagship program in Paris anymore, because over half of the 15,000 bicycles there have been vandalized or stolen in less than 18 months since the scheme was launched.

But, as I have removed my Hat of Cynicism and placed it comfortably on the chair beside me, I am sure that it will all be different in Dublin, especially given our long traditions of civic mindedness, personal responsibility and respect for public property.

Completely different.

AA list of Bike Stations and map
Irish Times article
Photos of construction

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