11 April 2009

The Great Moomin Hunt

This week I am mostly in Finland. Continuing down the road to amassing the largest carbon footprint held by a member of the perennially underemployed, the Unkie Dave Experience has set up camp in Helsinki for the Easter Weekend and beyond, with no ulterior motives or hidden agendas beyond spending some time with a few good friends*.

Activities to date have included successfully locating a vegan restaurant in Tampere (The Manchester of Finland), eating copious amounts of bread cheese (leipäjuusto), avoiding any overtures towards public nudity, and wandering through snow-covered forests and frozen lakes in search of the tasty Finnish delicacy known in English as Moomin (mmmmnn, tastes like chicken).

While internet access is excellent and I have much to write about, I am enjoying myself too much to actually take the time and post anything of worth. Normal service will be resumed shortly, consider this to be a welcome respite from narky budget/economy related comments.

Pidä tyyli!

* Although I am half-tempted to try and track down The Thugs In Charge who sold Jaiku to Google, and subsequently let them "Dodegeball" it. Twitter is a very poor substitute indeed.

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