06 April 2009

Everybody needs a 303

Somewhat inspired by An Snag Breac and the ever Fabulous Felix, both of whom have a propensity for creating knitted and felt simulacra of everyday objects such as fruit, vegetables, internal organs and vertebrae, I present to you my own recent homage to the classic Roland TB-303.

Now, of course, being a 36-year old male I did not actually make this full-scale plush groovebox myself, oh no. It was made by the good burghers at Softmachines in Berlin and arrived this morning to brighten up a rather grey and overcast Dublin morning*. While some may argue that purchasing a plush synthesizer is not true creativity, I say that if the good Lord wished us to make things for ourselves He wouldn't have given us Capitalism**.

(Enjoy this sort of post while you still can, my friends, for no doubt it will be the last impulse purchase for a good while as I have heard rumours of an imminent "Unkie Dave Tax" as part of tomorrow's emergency budget measures. I'm not sure what form this will take, but it doesn't bode well for lovers of unnecessary things)

* For once DHL actually found my doorbell. Maybe they have been reading my blog after all.

** Or so I am reliably informed by the fair and balanced journalists of Fox News.

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At 8:08 pm, Anonymous Felix said...

Oh that's amazing. You must have seen my comparitively rubbish cross-stitch cassette.

Hooray for recplicating - in textiles - the analogue technology of former years. It's great.

At 3:49 pm, Blogger Snag Breac said...

Thats fabulous! and perfect for you. now you can sleep with a 303!


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