07 March 2009

Where I am not today

Couldn't make it down to Wexford for the Green Party Convention this weekend as I have, rather unusually, family obligations. While I won't have the pleasure of attending the workshops or arguing against the merits of a green based economy in the absence of a platform for social justice over a pint or two of non-organic beer, I do not feel that I will be left out of the event altogether. In the wake of Obama's internet-fueled victory political groups all across the world have suddenly discovered the web, and the Green Party is certainly trying to be at the front of that, despite its limited resources.

The event is being livestreamed on mogulus, which has the added fun of inappropriately targeted ads scrolling across the screen (ads for moving to the Ukraine appeared while speakers were discussing the collapse of the Irish property market), and a good few folks are twittering from the convention floor. There is a good online conversation going on, though nothing too controversial, much like the convention itself. All the speakers are on their best behavior, and there hasn't been any real drama so far.

While the first motion I was looking out for, that on forming a government of national unity, failed to get the 2/3rds majority it needed to get to pass, it still was supported by 55% of delegates, showing that the majority of members are unhappy with the performance of the current government, or its ability to get us out of the current economic crises. It will be interesting to see how the later motion on a special conference next year to pull out of government fares, I suspect it too will be supported by the majority, but not by the 66% it needs to pass.

Check out the twitter stream here and the livestream here, and slower updates are on the party web site here.

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